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Incify Pte, Ltd

How Osome Helped Incify Set Up A Singapore Company In One Day

Incify is a digital marketing agency helping businesses and start-ups around the world grow their revenue with user-centric marketing. Incify stands out from the crowd by focusing on getting affordable, qualified leads and sales faster, rather than measuring vanity metrics.

1 day

company incorporation 
in Singapore

Online bank

account opening


saved on incorporation 
and accounting


Incify Pte, Ltd

Member since

October 2020

Line of work

Digital marketing agency


Overwhelmed By The Incorporation Process

Incify Managing Director Saif Abbas recognised that with many global and SEA (Search Engine Advertising) clients, having a legal entity in Singapore would help reach clients faster and easier – especially as a digital business processing transactions online.The problem was that he didn’t know where to start.

“I had no idea how to incorporate my business in Singapore and always thought that it would be a long, expensive and difficult process.”

Working Smarter

Osome was recommended to Saif by friends. After checking the website and 
reading our testimonials, he decided to reach out to the team.

“Osome made everything so easy. They answered all my questions and managed 
to successfully incorporate the business within one day. All the document signing 
is done digitally, and the process was so smooth with their user-friendly app.

They even assisted in opening a bank account and offered many options with clear explanation of the process involved.”

Incify website

Outcome: Singapore Company Incorporated 
In 24 Hours

With Osome’s expert help, Saif was able to incorporate a company in Singapore quickly and easily, so Incify was up and running in just one day.

I thought it would be impossible to incorporate a company in Singapore, but Osome made it so simple and easy.

Saif Abbas,Founder & CEO

“They helped in incorporating the business within a day and now they're assisting 
in the bank opening as well as handling all of my legal documents, finance, etc.”

Any Advice To Others?

Saif was impressed with Osome’s fast communication and friendly sales team. He added, his advice to others who are looking to incorporate a company in Singapore would be:

Don't waste time looking around. Start with Osome and you will save a lot of headaches.

Saif Abbas,Founder & CEO

Free Yourself From Admin Drudgery and Focus on Your Business

If you want to scale faster and avoid mountains of paperwork, Osome can manage incorporation and company registrationfor you.Our experts will guide you every step of the way, sorting all your paperwork remotely for a quick and easy set up. Get started today.

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