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How SleekFlow Opened A Company in Singapore From Hong Kong

This Hong Kong startup wants to put social messaging in one place to improve customer service for businesses in Southeast Asia

3 days

took to open a company in Singapore

36 hours

saved annually on admin work

50% faster

sign-offs for document approvals



Member since

August 2021

Line of work

B2B SaaS Social Messaging and CRM Platform

Meet SleekFlow

SleekFlow is an Omni-Channel Social Commerce Platform that helps companies manage communication channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Line, Live Chat, etc., all in one place. It uses intelligent routing rules and targeted campaign messages to streamline sales, customer support, and marketing workflows while integrating with 2500+ tools, including E-commerce platforms and payment gateways, to ease the whole customer journey.

Its founder Henson Tsai  graduated from Imperial College London and worked as an investment banker at HSBC and Ernst & Young. Before SleekFlow's success, Henson already had two entrepreneurial experiences. SleekFlow is headquartered in Cyberport Hong Kong and currently has 2500+ customers across South East Asia, Europe, and North America.

Sleekflow website

Unifying Multiple Channels into 1 Platform

It has been a pain for businesses to manage multiple channels without a proper workflow routing engine. Sending engagement messages, product updates, or promotional offers could be manually repetitive work. There is an urge for software that helps brands build automated flow across channels.

Enterprises would also love to see actionable insights from these interaction data on messaging. SleekFlow tackles the problems above by providing a unified social commerce solution for businesses to excel in sales, marketing, and support.

From Hong Kong to Southeast Asia

Having raised a six-figure USD Pre-Series A round investment from Gobi Partners China (the investment manager of Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund), SleekFlow was selected for the Global Launch Singapore Program inaugurated by the global venture capital firm 500 Startups. This marks SleekFlow's move into their Southeast Asia (SEA) expansion plan apart from setting up a sales hub in Singapore.

Sleekflow team

The Challenge

Henson's vision for SleekFlow’s solution is to benefit more enterprises by expanding to other countries in Southeast Asia, starting with Singapore.

However, it was impossible to travel to Singapore with travel restrictions and the pandemic. Furthermore, as a foreigner, he found that there were a lot of rules and regulations to follow, which would take time for him to read up.

The Solution

Henson was referred to Osome through an accelerator program. Osome provided him with a Nominee Director and guided him through the process and documents needed to register a company in Singapore.

He was able to keep the headcount for administrative work to one person in his team. It was quicker for his staff to get sign-offs on documents as everything was on the Osome app, which meant that everyone on the team had the same view on company documents instead of being lost in email threads.

Founders can overlook the importance of administrative work because it’s not talked about a lot. There are a lot of forms and contracts to deal with every month. If you free up your time for this, you can concentrate on growing your company further.

Henson Tsai,Founder, SleekFlow

Tip for Entrepreneurs:

When you start, you might think that you’re alone. However, just by reaching out to ask for help , you’ll find many people willing to share and give their assistance. Other founders are very helpful and willing to share how to start and grow a company with you. Your customers are valuable resources on your product and service too.

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