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Felix grew up in his family’s bakery and learned everything he knows about work ethic, business, and managing teams from his father. He started ADPList with the ambition to democratise mentorships for all, by connecting mentors and mentees all over the world.

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Struggling To Know Where To Start With Your Startup

Managing finances and time effectively are two of the most common challenges facing startups – and it’s no difference for Felix at ADPlist.

“As a CEO and founder, every single day we’re swamped with people management, product growth, hiring and fundraising – there are so many things to do when you’re 
a startup.”

In many ways, Osome has helped me become 
a more productive person, providing more visibility of my business.

Felix Lee,Founder & CEO

Working Smarter

With Osome, Felix found a virtual support system to help manage business admin 
and finances, so he was able to play to his strengths.

“As a product-driven founder I need a lot of help with company administrative 
matters and finances. Osome helps to free up my time with a virtual assistant and virtual accountant, to help me sort out everything on the administrative side of things with minimal work from my side. It allows me to free up my time and focus on things that are more important.”

ADPlist Felix is working

Outcome: Less Time Spent on Admin, More Time for Business Growth

Easily uploading documents and organising documents daily means admin couldn’t be easier - plus, getting advice whenever you need it means you’ve got an expert who has your back with Osome.

One of the things that I love about Osome is that you don’t have to provide a lot of material - they automatically help to source materials and just ask me for a few signatures. Those things make it really easy to work with.

Felix Lee,Founder & CEO

Any Advice To Others Starting A Business In Your Industry?

Felix thinks back to the challenges he faced and how grateful he is for the mentorship he received from various people when setting up his business:

“If I had one piece of advice, it would be hiring people that are better than you. Starting a business is not easy. Whether it's mentoring or baking bread, embrace your shortcomings and make sure that you're well supported by the people and services around you. They will support you throughout your entire journey.”

ADPlist at the kitchen

Free Yourself From Admin Drudgery and Focus on Your Business

If you want to save the time and stress of accounting for your ecommerce business , Osome are here to help.

We connect to all your marketplaces and directly upload financial statements, then transform them into books, reports, and tax filings. Simply leave the administrative work to us so you can focus on more important tasks.

Get started today.

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