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How Osome Got OKPixels Up and Running for International Business

Maksim Bryukhanov started OKPixels in 2010 because 
he wanted the freedom to focus on making deals and developing strategy. OKPixels provides IT outsourcing, consulting and recruiting services, with more than 80 developers working across mobile and web apps.

300% growth

reached by leveraging into 
a new market

3 weeks

to set up a foreign legal entity – from start to finish

10 out of 10

would recommend Osome



Member since

December 2021

Line of work

IT outsourcing, recruiting, and consulting

Overwhelmed by Doing Business Internationally

After incorporating his business in Russia by himself, Maksim recognised that OKPixels needed to expand internationally, he noted “transferring dollars in Russia was a big problem.”

“I needed to register a company to do international business, but I did not know how and where,” he said. Without any support, Maksim relied on internet searches to find out what he needed to know – until he found Osome.

Working Smarter

A consultant recommended Maksim try Osome and the rest is history. Osome’s experts helped with company registration and incorporation, so OKPixels could be established and start realising Maksim’s business vision.“

The convenience of working with Osome for us was having a single window for all emerging issues and needs, as well as the speed of processing these requests. Speed ​​is a key parameter in the work of any business. Another important factor is the clarity and simplicity of communication, which allows you not to waste time and resources 
to study accounting for a new company in an unknown country.”

People are at the meeting

Outcome: Up and Running in Singapore Within 3 Weeks

Incorporating a Singapore company meant Maksim could avoid the customer and payment transfer problems he faced in Russia. “It helped me to accept payments from customers and for me to pay my contractors. Now I have customers with contracts that make $20,000-$25,000 per month.”

Maksim was pleasantly surprised by the quality of Osome’s services and prompt response time.

The process of onboarding a client and collecting all the necessary information is automated and ideally staged in terms of user experience. Less than three working weeks passed from the beginning of cooperation to the opening of 
a legal entity, which is impressive.

Maksim Bryukhanov,CEO & MD

Any Advice to Others Starting a Business in Your Industry?

Maksim took the step into entrepreneurship after deciding he couldn’t achieve his 
full potential in his previous job. If you’re looking to start an international tech or IT business, he advised:

I think that you need basic IT knowledge, 
a network of IT companies, developers and potential clients, as well as good soft skills.

Maksim Bryukhanov,CEO & MD

Free yourself from admin drudgery and focus on your business

Not sure where to start with registering a company for international business? Osome’s experts can manage company registration for you.

We will guide you every step of the way, sorting all your paperwork remotely for a quick and easy set up.

Get started today.

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