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Blesbok international Pte Ltd

Osome Helped 
Me Correct All My Filing Mistakes

Blesbok International Pte Ltd are importers and exporters of raw materials, such as iron ore, manganese, refractory mortar, as well as agricultural products


saved monthly on operational expenses

Over 32 h

of people power recovered per month


accounting compliance


Blesbok international Pte Ltd

Member since

June 2019

Line of work

Import/export raw materials

Struggling To Keep Track of Accounts

As the CEO and Managing Director of Blesbok International, it was difficult for Ishan 
to keep track of his business accounts, annual filing and tax computation.

Blesbok trucks

He was especially worried about non-compliant accounting:

“The company I was working with before Osome helped me to incorporate Blesbok International but they were not very professional and they messed up quite a few things in terms of compliance.

I was really scared since I didn't want to fall into any legal trouble for incorrect filing. Osome really helped me and made sure my papers are in the right place.

Ishan Chauhan,CEO

Working Smarter

Ishan was drawn to Osome’s accounting and bookkeeping services because the experts are easy to reach, helpful and always available – plus all communication and accounting processes are trackable.

“Before Osome, I had to either call or mail the service provider I was working with. Usually mails take a lot of time and I would have to follow up multiple times. Or if I needed to resolve something really quickly, I would have to call them up. As I live in India and my business is in Singapore, that’s an expensive business in international calls.”

Because Osome is app-based I easily can drop them a message and log off to continue my work. Then someone will get back to me or raise any issues. They’re very proactive.

Ishan Chauhan,CEO

Outcome: 32 Hours a Month Saved by Outsourcing Accounting

If Ishan did all the accounting himself, he estimates it would take one out of five working days every week.

I save at least 32 hours of people power a month by giving my accounting and bookkeeping to Osome.

Ishan Chauhan,CEO

Because Osome makes sure everything runs smoothly, Ishan explained, “I can now focus on my core business and develop my sales strategy.”

Ishan especially likes Osome’s digital solution:

“The dashboard makes it easy to check what’s been done. They have a system of saving all my files, so I can quickly access whatever I need. There’s also a very simple function where I can copy/paste my address. Even that small feature is very helpful for whenever I have to copy my office address or company details from the app itself.”

Any Advice to Others Starting A Business In Your Industry?

Ishan explains that he’s based in India and has incorporated his company in Singapore, for easy access to the banking hub, which provided the connectivity he needed for importing and exporting.

His advice to others is: “Always deliver on time — make proper timelines of every consignment that you ship and always read contracts properly. You need to have multiple suppliers at your end and the supplying end, as well as multiple buyers in 
the country you’re supplying.”

Free yourself from admin and focus on your business

If you want to save hundreds of dollars and hours of people power stressing over filing your accounts, let Osome handle all of the accounting for your .

We connect to all your marketplaces and directly upload financial statements, then transform them into books, reports, and tax filings. Simply leave the administrative work to us so you can focus on more important tasks. Get started today.

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