Application and Renewal of Singapore Employment Pass Online

Apply for Employment Pass in Singapore with Osome. We’ll prepare it for you quickly and easily, and you won’t have to fly in until it’s ready.

Application and Renewal of Singapore Employment Pass Online
Application and Renewal of Singapore Employment Pass Online

Want to open a Singapore company and relocate? Get an Employment pass!

What is Employment Pass?

What is Employment Pass?

Employment Pass (EP) is the most common relocation option for foreigners who want to open their business and move to Singapore. It’s a work visa that allows you to live and work in Singapore. We can prepare your EP within 6 months and you don’t have to fly in until it’s ready. If you already have one and want to switch your EP to your new company, we’ll have it ready even faster. EP is typically valid for 1-2 years depending upon MOM's discretion.

What are the requirements?
What are the requirements?

What are the requirements?

This is a work visa so your professional qualities and fit with the company will be evaluated. This is what the officials are looking for:

  • Fixed salary amount: you have to earn at least $4,500 a month (salary range depends on the work experience);
  • Professional experience that fits the desired job description;
  • Education;
  • The company business profile and its products description.

In some cases, authorities may ask you to go through a medical test. This can be done in a day in Singapore or in your local hospital that can provide a medical report in English.

Is it easy to apply for Employment Pass online?
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Is it easy to apply for Employment Pass online?

You can apply for an Employment Pass in Singapore using myMOM Portal. Get all the documents you need, pay the fee and submit the application online. It’ll take about 3 weeks to issue your EP. Osome professionals will do it for you, so you won’t spend your time and nerves on this process.

I want to renew my EP. What should I do?

I want to renew my EP.
What should I do?

If your pass is expired, you have to renew it. Try to apply for renewal at least 3 months prior to the pass expiry date for hassle free renewal.

Generally your employer or Employment Agent must do it for you. The renewed Employment Pass is given for 3 years.

Doing it online will take less time – you’ll have your renewed Employment pass within just 3 weeks.

Employment Pass support

  1. Pre-application help

    Pre-application help

    Get our advice and decide on the immigration pass you would like to apply for, and learn about the requirements for successful application.

  2. Collect all your documents

    Collect all your documents

    Complete the application form online, provide all required documents and we submit the application to the Ministry of Manpower.

  3. Manage discussions with MoM

    Manage discussions with MoM

    We communicate with the Ministry of Manpower and are always ready to answer any questions that might arise.

  4. The Employment Pass is ready

    The Employment Pass is ready

    Congrats! Your employee is now eligible to work and move to Singapore. When it’s approved, we will help you issue your pass.

Let’s talk money

We take care of the application and handle the process online

  • Employment Pass

    A visa that allows you to work and reside in Singapore. Employment Pass is typically valid for 1–2 years and we can renew it later.



  • Employment Pass Renewal

    We make the procedure as painless as ever.



Need more?

Additional services you may need

  • Payroll outsource service, per employee S$25/m
  • Yearly preparation of IR8A, per employee S$100
  • CPF Account setup S$100
  • Preparation of IR21, per case S$100

Benefits of Osome Service

Professional guidance
Professional guidance

Professional guidance

We understand that applying for Employment Pass is not an easy task and can be confusing. Our experts will provide any help and answer all your questions.

No hidden costs
No hidden costs

No hidden costs

Our prices include the entire application process and any appeals (if needed). This means no surprises!

Onsite support
Onsite support

Onsite support

There's no need for you to come to Singapore in person. We'll prepare and submit all documents you need for your Employment Pass.

Easy and time saving process
Easy and time saving process

Easy and time saving process

Our application processing is fast and efficient.

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  • What is an Employment Pass?

    An Employment Pass (or EP) is a Singapore work visa issued by the Singapore Ministry of Manpower. This visa allows foreign employees, managers and owners or directors of Singaporean companies to live and work in Singapore. Holders of an Employment Pass can travel freely in and out of Singapore without applying for entry visas, and also makes it easier for holders to apply for permanent residency in Singapore.

  • How long will my Employment Pass be valid for?

    How long your Employment Pass will be valid will depend on the type of applicant. For first-time applicants, the maximum validity is two years. At the end of two years it can be renewed. For applicants who are renewing their Employment Pass, once renewed it can be valid for up to three years.

  • How do I renew my Employment Pass?

    Three months before yourEmployment Pass is duefor renewal, an Employment Pass Renewal Form will be sent to the registered address of your employer or the appointed employment agent. Your renewal application will need to reach the Ministry of Manpower at least two months before your current pass expires to be eligible, the duration of your renewed pass will start when the current pass expires. Once renewed, the Employment Pass should be valid for up to three years.

  • What are the chances my Employment Pass application will be successful?

    There are various factors at play when it comes to success, such as the credentials of the Singapore employer or corporation, your qualifications,experience, and whether you’ve submitted all your supporting documents on time. It’s worth noting that a robust professional employment history and salary may take precedence over a lack of education.

  • How do I upgrade my S Pass to an Employment Pass?

    If you want to upgrade your S Pass into an Employment Pass, you must submit a new Employment Pass online application. Do not cancel your S Pass until your Employment Pass has been issued.

  • What do I need to do in order to get an Employment Pass?

    If you’re applying for an Employment Pass, you should meet at least one of the below criteria:

    • be earningg a minimum monthly salary of $4500 if you are a recent graduate, if not, your minimum income will need to be $6000 to apply
    • hold either a managerial or an executive position in a company or be in a role that requires specialised skills.
    • have a tertiary qualification from an accredited institution

    Of course, these are general guidelines - your application will be subject to diligent checks by the Singapore Ministry of Manpower as a part of the process.

  • What will I need in order to apply for an Employment Pass?

    You’ll need:

    • to fill out an Application Form 8,
    • to be sponsored by a Singapore company - details of the sponsor must be completed on page 6 of this form and the sponsor declaration must be signed on page 12.
    • a copy of your latest CV and certificates of education
    • references from previous employers
    • a passport-size photograph, only photos up to three months old will be accepted
    • a copy of the personal information page from your passport
    • a copy of the business profile of your Singapore employer
    • the job description details
    • detailed descriptions of activities and undertakings of the employing Singapore company

    As with any process that’s subject to due diligence, you may need to supply additional supporting documents.

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