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What’s Next After Incorporation? 12 Things To Do

There is more work you’ll need to do after opening a company. Here are 12 tasks you should do within your first year after registering your company.

Entrepreneur's Bootcamp

A Guide to Setting Up an Import and Export Company

What do you need to do before you have your own import and export company? Find out the steps and how to get started.


How Hong Kong Collects Information About Company Ownership

Every Hong Kong company keeps records about the people and businesses who own it and influence its decisions. Those records make up the Significant Controllers Register (SCR). The authorities can ask for them at any moment.


Entrepreneurial Burnout: Can I Love My Business Again?

Natalia owns a video production studio. Some time ago, her business was doing great, but she wasn’t. In this article, she explains what steps she took to change the situation and where it all led her.


Everything You Wanted To Know About EBITDA

How to calculate EBITDA and, most importantly, why? A practicing financial analyst and investor Dan Satkunas explains how to assess business decisions based on EBITDA margin—and makes it all look quite interesting.

Entrepreneur's Bootcamp

Pointers to Get Your ID Approved by Companies Registry on Your First Try

When setting up a company in Hong Kong, foreign directors and shareholders must submit a notarized copy of their ID. We explain how to obtain a document that will pass the requirements


Traditional Banks vs. Neobanks: Whose Business Account Suits You Best

The so-called neobanks offer online banking, and they are affordable. So is opening a business account with a neobank a good idea? How is it different from turning to a regular bank? Let’s find out


How Saying “No” Can Become Your Superpower in Every Negotiation

Compromise ruins negotiations. The win-win approach ruins negotiations. What doesn’t? Saying “no” whenever it needs to be said. This is the essence of Jim Camp’s theory. The 4 rules he put forward will help you feel confident and seize opportunities inside and outside the conference room


How Does Transfer Pricing Work in Singapore?

Affiliated businesses often trade on preferential conditions and thus pay less tax. To prevent that, countries developed a system to control the “family business” — the transfer pricing rules. Let’s see how they influence the prices you set, how to play by these rules and what documents to prepare.


How To Regulate Your Relationship With a Business Partner Under English Law

Whoever is becoming your partner, an old friend, your wife, or an investor, you'd better agree on how your partnership will work before you start doing business. We explain what to pay attention to and how legal documents can help.


UK Bank Account for Non-Residents

Can a foreigner open a business bank account in the UK? Yes! Nothing stops UK banks from opening business accounts for non-residents. We look at your options if you don’t want to buy or rent property and compare the bank tariffs for you.

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What Is a Trade Mark in Singapore?

Having a nice design is not enough to make a company legally distinctive among competitors. Let’s clarify what a trade mark can be, when a company needs it, how to transform a trade mark into a valuable asset and how to use it.

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How to Get a Government Grant for a Small Business or Startup

Planning to incorporate your business in Singapore? Already running a business? Grants can be of a great help. Learn what grants you can get, and how to improve your chances.


Angels and Ventures in Singapore: Who to Pitch Your Startup Right Now

If you’re an early-stage startup looking for venture capital, Singapore is the place to go. Here is a list of top venture capital firms and angel investors in Singapore to look for early-stage startup fundraising and memo on how to choose the right investors.


P11D Form: All You Need to Know If You End up Googling It

The P11D form is a part of the UK payroll system that covers the benefits an employee gets. How and when to fill in the form, what the deadlines are and how to avoid any fines — Osome is here to guide you through all of it.


P60 Form: What Is It and How to Deal with It?

The P60 form is a part of the UK payroll system that features tax payments and National Insurance contributions of a certain employee. We look deeper into the nature of the document.

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How to Set up Alipay & WeChat Pay for Your Business in Singapore?

If you have clients from mainland China, offering them the preferred payment options like WeChat Pay and Alipay is a way to boost your business. The Chinese visiting your website or your offline shop in Singapore will have fewer problems paying and are likely to buy more.


How to Emigrate to Singapore and Get Citizenship?

We explain how to move to Singapore, get a work visa, apply for Permanent Resident status and receive citizenship, looking at the requirements, eligibility and timelines.

Entrepreneur's Bootcamp

How to Change Corporate Secretary?

There are several red flags that tell you your current Corporate Secretary is not doing a good job: you have to wait for an answer for days, and follow up with reminders. You do not receive advice on regulation, and when you do it’s often unclear. You're unhappy with the price you pay.


Singapore Tax System Guide: Types & Rates

Singapore is famous for its attractive corporate tax rates. We explain how it works in a snapshot.


How Tax Exemptions Work in Singapore?

Singapore tax system is one of the best in the world for entrepreneurs. Learn how to benefit from opening your company and paying its taxes in Singapore.


Can I Open a Company in Singapore under Dependant Pass?

You’re in Singapore under Dependant Pass and time has come to open your own business. Congratulations! Here’s what you need to do.


How Do Dividends Work in Singapore?

You’ve made a profit and thinking about paying it out to shareholders. Here’s all you need to know about dividends in Singapore


Who Is a Nominee Director in Singapore?

If you don’t have a resident director for your Singapore company, you’ll need a Nominee. We explain how it works and what his role is.

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