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Guide to Obtaining an Entrepreneur Pass in Singapore

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Learn more about the Singapore EntrePass, a visa scheme for foreign entrepreneurs to establish startups in Singapore. Discover the eligibility criteria, application process, and benefits of the EntrePass with Osome.

Guide to Obtaining an Entrepreneur Pass in Singapore

The Entrepreneur Pass (EntrePass) is a Singapore visa scheme for establishing businesses, attracting and supporting foreign entrepreneurs.

If you're an aspiring entrepreneur looking to establish your business in Singapore, you may have come across the term "EntrePass Singapore." In this article, we'll guide you through everything you need about the Entrepass scheme in Singapore, from its definition and eligibility criteria to its application process and benefits. So, let's dive right in!

What Is a Singapore EntrePass?

An EntrePass Singapore, also known as an Entrepreneur Pass or an E Pass, is a work visa program designed to attract foreign entrepreneurs and innovators to start their businesses in Singapore. It offers a pathway for talented individuals to launch and develop their startups, contributing to Singapore's vibrant startup ecosystem. The Entrepreneur Pass vs an Employment Pass argument makes it clear that one is geared towards entrepreneurs, and the latter is better suited to more established professionals, such as executives and managers

The EntrePass scheme has further enhanced the country's appeal by providing a streamlined process for foreign entrepreneurs to obtain the necessary permits and support to bring their innovative ideas to life.

With its strategic location, world-class infrastructure, and robust legal framework, Singapore has become a hub for startups across various industries, including technology, finance, healthcare, and more. The EntrePass Singapore program aims to attract individuals with groundbreaking ideas and the skills and determination to turn those ideas into successful businesses.

Applying for an EntrePass Singapore involves meeting specific eligibility criteria, which include having a viable business plan, possessing relevant experience and track record, and demonstrating the potential to contribute to Singapore's economy. Successful applicants are granted an initial period of one year, during which they can work on establishing and growing their startups.

One of the key advantages of EntrePass Singapore is the flexibility it offers entrepreneurs. Unlike traditional work visas that tie individuals to a specific employer, the Entrepass allows entrepreneurs to be their own bosses and have full control over their businesses. This freedom empowers entrepreneurs to make decisions quickly, adapt to market conditions, and drive innovation without bureaucratic constraints.

The Importance of the Singapore Entrepreneur Pass (EntrePass)

The Singapore Entrepreneur Pass holds significant importance in fostering entrepreneurship and driving economic growth in Singapore. This visa scheme provides a pathway for foreign entrepreneurs looking for a long-term visit pass to establish and operate innovative and promising startups in the country. The EntrePass offers numerous benefits, including access to a robust business ecosystem, funding opportunities, and a supportive regulatory framework. By attracting talented and ambitious entrepreneurs, the EntrePass scheme enhances Singapore's reputation as a global hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. It facilitates the transfer of knowledge, expertise, and technology while also creating job opportunities for the local workforce.

Furthermore, the EntrePass promotes diversity, cultural exchange, and collaboration among entrepreneurs from various backgrounds, fostering a vibrant and dynamic entrepreneurial community.

What Are the EntrePass Eligibility Criteria in Singapore?

To qualify for an EntrePass Singapore, you must meet specific eligibility requirements. Criteria to be considered for the pass include your experience and vision for your business and how it will contribute to the entrepreneurial community in Singapore. Once you have your EntrePass, be mindful of your work permit renewal to remain eligible to operate in the country.

  1. Age, educational background, and relevant work experience

The applicant should be at least 21 years old and possess a good educational track record, typically with a degree or diploma from a reputable institution. Additionally, the applicant should have relevant business experience or a proven entrepreneurial track record.

  1. Language proficiency

Language proficiency is another crucial eligibility criterion for the EntrePass in Singapore. Applicants must be proficient in English, as it is the country's primary language of business and communication. Proficiency can be demonstrated through various means, such as holding a recognised English language certification or having a good command of the language during the application process.

  1. Innovative and viable business concept

The EntrePass scheme is specifically designed to attract entrepreneurs with innovative and viable business concepts. Therefore, applicants must present a solid and compelling business proposal demonstrating the potential for innovation, scalability, and market viability. The business concept should be aligned with Singapore's economic and industry priorities, showing how it can contribute to the growth and development of key sectors.

  1. Potential economic contribution to Singapore

The potential economic contribution an applicant can make to Singapore is an essential factor in the EntrePass eligibility criteria. The business proposal should showcase the applicant's ability to create local job opportunities, transfer knowledge and technology, attract investments, and contribute to the overall economic landscape of Singapore. Applicants are encouraged to demonstrate their potential to bring positive impact and value to the country's economy through their entrepreneurial endeavours. This criterion ensures that the EntrePass is granted to individuals who can contribute significantly to Singapore's economic growth and development.

Application Process

Application process

Wondering how to get an Entrepreneur Pass in Singapore? The EP application process is pretty straightforward, but it’s important that you are prepared with all the necessary documents so that you save time and stress. Here’s how to apply for an entrepreneur pass in Singapore.

  1. Personal identification and background information

The application process for EntrePass in Singapore begins with submitting personal identification and background information. This includes providing a valid passport, educational certificates, and relevant work experience documents. If applicable, the applicant may also need to compile additional documents, such as proof of business ownership or patents. It is essential to ensure that all the required personal information is accurately provided to avoid delays or complications during the application process.

  1. Business plan and financial projections

A comprehensive business plan and financial projections are crucial components of the EntrePass application. The business plan should outline the nature of the proposed business, market analysis, competitive advantage, marketing strategies, and operational details. Financial projections should demonstrate the financial viability and sustainability of the business. It is important to present realistic projections based on thorough research and analysis to showcase the potential success of the venture.

  1. Submission and processing of the application

After preparing the necessary documents, the EntrePass application is submitted to the relevant authorities for processing. The application will undergo a thorough evaluation, including assessing the business concept, economic contribution, and overall eligibility criteria. It is advisable to ensure that all the required documents are complete and accurately filled out to avoid delays or rejection.

  1. Online application portal

Singapore provides an online application portal for EntrePass, simplifying and expediting the application process. The online portal allows applicants to submit their documents electronically and track the progress of their application. It provides a convenient and efficient platform for applicants to communicate with the authorities and provide any additional information or clarification if required.

  1. Application fees and processing time

While the fees associated with the EntrePass application in Singapore are not included in our incorporation fees for foreigners, we save you time and hassle by applying for you so that you can focus on your business.

These fees typically include an application fee, a multiple-entry visa fee, and a security deposit. The exact amount may vary depending on the specific circumstances of the application, and we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop of all of these. The processing time for the EntrePass application can vary, but it is generally advised to allow for a few weeks to a few months for the evaluation and approval process. It is important to plan accordingly and submit the application well in advance to account for any potential delays and ensure a smooth processing experience.

How To Ensure the Evaluation and Approval of the Entrepreneur Pass

To ensure a successful evaluation and approval of the Entrepreneur Pass (EntrePass), applicants should carefully adhere to the eligibility criteria and provide all necessary supporting documents. Developing a strong and innovative business plan that showcases the potential economic contribution to Singapore is essential. Thoroughly researching and understanding Singapore's economic priorities can aid in aligning the business concept accordingly. Additionally, applicants should ensure accurate and complete documentation, meet language proficiency requirements, and demonstrate relevant work experience. Seeking professional guidance and maintaining open communication with the authorities can also enhance the chances of a favourable evaluation and approval outcome.

What Are the Post-Approval Procedures?

  1. Issuance and collection of the Entrepreneur Pass

After the Entrepreneur Pass (EntrePass) approval, the pass will be issued to the applicant. The issuance process involves the authorities preparing the pass and notifying the applicant regarding its availability. The collection of the pass is the next step in the post-approval procedure.

  1. Required documentation for pass issuance

To collect the Entrepreneur Pass, the applicant is required to provide certain documentation. These documents typically include a copy of the approval letter, the applicant's passport, a completed declaration form, and any other specified supporting documents. It is crucial to ensure that all the required documents are prepared and presented accurately during the collection process.

  1. Collection process and timeline

The collection process for the Entrepreneur Pass varies depending on the specific procedures set by the authorities. The timeline for collection can also vary, but applicants are usually given a specific date and location to collect their passes. It is important to adhere to the designated collection timeline to avoid any delays or complications.

  1. Activation and registration of the pass

Upon receiving the Entrepreneur Pass, the applicant needs to activate and register the pass. This typically involves visiting the relevant authorities or designated locations to complete the necessary procedures. The activation process ensures that the pass becomes valid and ready for use.

  1. Registration with the Ministry of Manpower

In addition to the pass activation, the Entrepreneur Pass holder must register with the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). This registration process involves providing the necessary information and documentation to the MOM, which helps to establish the pass holder's legal status and compliance with Singapore's regulations.

  1. Compliance with pass conditions and regulations

Once the Entrepreneur Pass is activated and registered, it is crucial for the pass holder to comply with the conditions and regulations set by the authorities. This includes adhering to the terms of the pass, such as maintaining a valid business entity, fulfilling the economic contribution commitments, and abiding by Singapore's laws and regulations. Compliance with these conditions is essential to ensure the ongoing validity and use of the Entrepreneur Pass.

Renewal and Cancellation

The renewal and cancellation process for a Singapore EntrePass is an important aspect of maintaining the validity and compliance of the pass. EntrePass holders can apply for renewal before the pass expires, typically within six months of the expiration date. The work permit renewal process involves submitting updated information, including financial statements, business performance, and evidence of continued economic contribution. It is crucial to demonstrate the growth and success of the business during the renewal application.

On the other hand, the cancellation of an EntrePass can occur due to various reasons, such as non-compliance with pass conditions, closure of the business, or violation of Singapore's laws and regulations. It is essential to adhere to the pass conditions and regulations to avoid work permit cancellation and ensure the continued validity of the EntrePass.

Pros and Cons of the Entrepass Scheme

Pros of the EntrePass Singapore:

  • Facilitates entry and residency for foreign entrepreneurs in Singapore.
  • Provides access to a supportive business ecosystem and funding opportunities.
  • Offers a streamlined application process through the online application portal.
  • Enhances networking and collaboration opportunities with diverse entrepreneurs.
  • Promotes knowledge and technology transfer to Singapore.
  • Contributes to the growth and development of key sectors in Singapore's economy.
  • Creates job opportunities for the local workforce.
  • Enhances Singapore's reputation as a global hub for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Cons of the EntrePass Singapore:

  • Strict eligibility criteria and requirements may limit the number of successful applicants.
  • The application process can be time-consuming and require extensive documentation.
  • Renewal process and compliance with pass conditions can be challenging.
  • The pass is tied to the success and sustainability of the applicant's business.
  • The financial commitment and costs associated with the application and pass maintenance.
  • The pass does not guarantee business success and profitability.
  • Limited flexibility in terms of employment and the need to focus on the approved business.
  • It's important to note that the pros and cons may vary depending on individual circumstances and perspectives.


When armed with a Singapore EntrePass, your opportunities in the country for your business are almost limitless. To streamline the application process or to get advice from local experts, Osome is the team for you! Get in touch with us for more on incorporating your business as a foreigner looking to move to Singapore.

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