How NewCampus Opened Their Company from Dubai

Sometimes, companies decide to move headquarters to Singapore for its supportive startup scene. Find out how NewCampus managed to set up base effortlessly.

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How NewCampus Opened Their Company from Dubai
How NewCampus Opened Their Company from Dubai
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Will Fan

Meet New Campus

NewCampus is a Singapore-based startup co-founded by Will Fan and Fei Yao in 2019. It is an online, live learning platform that hopes to train learners who would be future managers in fast-growing organisations. Lessons are taught in sprints around topics such as identifying one’s leadership style and managing remote teams.

Meet New Campus
Meet New Campus

The Challenge

New Campus had set up its company and operations in Dubai for 5 years, working with a traditional company secretary company. However, there was a lot of paperwork and manual signing of documents that took time to attend.

When the management team decided to shift their headquarters to Singapore, they wanted to look for a digital way to help them register their company and manage the paperwork, as preparing for a digital future was core to their operations. Venture capital firm 500 startups recommended that they try Osome.

The Challenge
The Challenge

The Solution

Osome was the one-stop point for all of NewCampus’s corporate management needs, from tracking deadlines to filing reports and ensuring documents comply with Singapore’s regulations.

«Osome helped us to migrate our existing corporate secretary documents to digitalise our corporate management tasks. The transition was seamless.»

Will Fan Co-Founder and CEO

Compared to using a traditional corporate secretary partner and managing documents via emails, Osome stored papers neatly and securely on their app and website. This makes it easy for NewCampus to access documents at any time for online signing and reference.

As NewCampus was entering the next financing stage, Osome helped NewCampus with the KYC (Know-Your-Customer) process and ensured that information was legally accurate upon the round’s closing.

As NewCampus scales up as a business, they are exploring outsourcing accounting tasks to Osome as well.

Advice for Entrepreneurs

Just as NewCampus shifted from the traditional way of managing back-end corporate secretarial work to more digital and paperless processes, growth is central to their culture, which permeates each aspect of their work, right down to training staff.

«A culture of growth creates loyal employees. 94% of employees will stay longer in a company if there is upskilling and training. Training your employees is cheaper and more convenient compared to finding new people to hire,» says Will Fan, CEO and Co-Founder of NewCampus.


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