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Permanent Resident — immigration status with most rights second only to being a citizen. A PR holder receives nearly all vital rights except a right to vote and hold public service and most of the social benefits. Foreign workers, their spouses and other dependents are eligible for this status. A company secretary can assist in receiving this status.

Who can apply to become a Singapore PR?

  • Spouse of a Singapore citizen or PR
  • Unmarried child aged below 21 from a legal marriage or adoption by Singapore citizen or PR
  • Aged parent of a Singapore citizen
  • Employment Pass or S Pass holder
  • Student studying in Singapore
  • Foreign investor in Singapore

What are the requirements to become a PR?

MHA accepts all applications for PR status online. You will need a SingPass account to do so, or a Foreign Identification Number (for students). There is a S$100 non-refundable fee for each application, and other fees for entry permits and Identity cards ranging from S$30 to S$100 for each successful applicant. The normal timeline is 4-6 months, though special cases may take longer. The documents required for each individual application include:

  • Explanatory Notes
  • Document List Foreign investors in Singapore apply at the Singapore Economic Development Board under the Global Investor Programme.

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