Change a company name in Singapore

Having picked a new company name, one must validate it in ACRA for $15. ACRA may send the name application to referral authorities if there are words like «bank», «school» or «hospital». Once the name is approved, a company must lodge a Notice of Resolution via BizFile+.

All fees, any
resolutions included

Our Unlimited package covers all event-driven changes, government fees, and annual filings, so no extra charges out of the blue

  • 1 year Essential Secretary

    Good for a small company or a business with a settled structure



    essential Secretary

    • S$60 Annual Filing government fee included
    • Corporate Secretary routine Annual Filing and AGM preparation

    on top: changes +$50/E

    • Non-share related changes S$50
    • Share related change S$100
    • Corporate shareholder S$100
  • 1 year Unlimited Secretary

    Perfect for the first year with many changes, or for a larger business



    essential Secretary

    • S$60 Annual Filing government fee included
    • Corporate Secretary routine Annual Filing and AGM preparation

    unlimited: any changes

Need more?

Additional services you may need

  • Company stamp S$60
  • CorpPass registration S$100
  • Striking off a dormant company S$600
  • Striking off a company S$400
  • Super Lean plan S$800/y
  • Sleeping beauty plan S$600/y

Why choose Osome?

  • No hidden fees

    No hidden fees

    We have included all standard government fees in the packages’ prices

  • Access your papers from anywhere

    Access your papers
    from anywheree

    We store all your papers and letters in a cloud so you’ll never lose them

  • Experts online 24/7

    online 24/7

    We normally respond within 15 minutes and process the papers the same day you ask for them

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  • How to facilitate the name approval process?

    The best way to fast-track it is to get your change of name approved on the first try. To achieve that, follow the guidelines.

    ACRA only cares about the core nouns that make up your business name. Adding a definite article, a business entity type (Pte Ltd, Limited, etc.) or a generic word (“corporation”, “international”) won’t distinguish your company name from the existing one if the core matches. So, look for a unique word or word combination. You can make the name longer, adding some information about your future occupation, e.g. ”Gutenberg Bookstore and Antiquities”.

  • How not to protract the name approval process?

    To change a business name fast, stay away from words like "finance", "bank", "school", "media" or "education". They refer to business activities regulated by separate government authorities, so ACRA will send your application there for review. The name may still be approved but it will take several weeks longer.

  • Can the company’s legal name be different from the trading name?

    Having one name in papers a different one on your logo is legal. Just make sure that the trading name you choose doesn’t have any copyright or trademark issues.

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