Just Dabao
Just Dabao

“Traditional Corporate Secretaries Were Not Flexible”

During the COVID-19 pandemic Jennifer Widjaja created a marketplace Dabao where restaurants can sell surplus food to consumers at a discounted rate.

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“Traditional Corporate Secretaries Were Not Flexible”
“Traditional Corporate Secretaries Were Not Flexible”
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Just Dabao

Uses Corporate Secretary
Member Since

October 2021

line of work

Sustainable food marketplace

Website justdabao.com
Jennifer Widjaja
Founder & CEO

Jennifer Widjaja

Black and White Package Fees

Using a traditional corporate secretary, Jennifer found small service fees really started to add up and made her feel guilty for needing to make minor changes to things.

“I was charged most of the time, and these small things really accumulated, which I didn’t see coming. With Osome, it’s very black and white, so I don’t have to feel bad about changing documentation or whatever.”

Black and White Package Fees
Black and White Package Fees

Working Smarter

Knowing that she would be raising costs over the next few months and need a lot of documentation and business changes, Jennifer needed to find a better solution.

“I heard a lot of good things about Osome in the community, so that’s why I decided to switch my corporate secretary.”

“The whole chat system is really helpful because usually it’s all over email, and it’s so easy to lose track. The chatbox really helps me align with everyone; everyone knows what they’re doing – it’s very organised.”

Outcome: “I Can Focus My Energy on Things That Are Important.”

Osome helped Just Dabao to grow by supporting the startup with helpful advice, whenever they needed it. This efficient communication meant Jennifer was able to save a lot of time going back and forth, by getting exactly what she needed, quickly.

“It’s so much faster and more convenient for me. The experts at Osome are readily available, so if I need something, I can just simply text and immediately someone will reply. Osome knows exactly what I’m asking – and if it’s not their speciality, they’ll forward me to the best person to help. The good thing about Osome is that it saves a lot of time so I can do other things – the running of the business part.”

Outcome: “I Can Focus My Energy on Things That Are Important.”
Outcome: “I Can Focus My Energy on Things That Are Important.”

Any Advice to Others Starting a Business in Your Industry?

Entrepreneurs can’t be an expert in all fields, so Jennifer’s advice is to find the right partners so you’re not too overwhelmed:

When you’re starting out, you’re going to be very busy – it’s not really about time management, it’s about energy management. I think the most important thing is to spend your time wisely, and that’s why having services like Osome really help to prioritise your energy better.

Jennifer Widjaja, Founder & CEO, Just Dabao
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