How NABO Furniture Easily Incorporated In Singapore From Malaysia

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How NABO Furniture Easily Incorporated In Singapore From Malaysia
How NABO Furniture Easily Incorporated In Singapore From Malaysia
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NABO Furniture

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Chong Hua Zhen

Meet NABO Furniture

NABO [Danish for ’’neighbour’’] is inspired by the Scandinavian design philosophy to deliver handcrafted furniture in Malaysia and Singapore that embodies lasting quality without compromising on aesthetics. NABO takes pride in preserving the environment, working with sustainable and natural materials to best present the final masterpiece.

Since its inception, NABO furniture has established a strong portfolio delivering a plethora of high-end commercial projects ranging from luxury hotels, premium diners, and residential condominiums. Each and every piece of furniture at NABO is handcrafted to conserve the natural beauty and unique characteristics of the raw material.

Meet NABO Furniture
Meet NABO Furniture

The Challenge

The CEO of NABO Furniture Chong Hua Zhen was based in Malaysia, but he wanted to register his company in Singapore. Traditionally, there would be a lot of back and forth sending of hard copy documents through courier between Malaysia and Singapore, which would be expensive and take a long time. Furthermore, the incorporation process in Singapore is not as straightforward when there is a foreign founder involved.

«I browsed online for providers that offer incorporation services, but found most processes to be lengthy. Additionally, these services were also pricey.»

Chong Hua Zhen, CEO/ Managing Director, NABO Furniture

While spending time on his research, Hua Zhen realised that most incorporation services were not a good fit for his business since the entire incorporation process would take a considerable amount of time to execute. Furthermore, most of them were too costly for his new business.

The Solution

Osome offers a streamlined process, with its procedures all done online. This offers great convenience to busy entrepreneurs like Hua Zhen, who could easily reach out to Osome online and receive timely responses. Furthermore, records were well organised, which saved Hua Zhen the headache when it came to paperwork.

«Osome has helped our business incorporation in Singapore in just a short one week or so, and from there we can have a stronger foothold in the market.»

Chong Hua Zhen, CEO/ Managing Director, NABO Furniture

Advice for Entrepreneurs

Benjamin Franklin once said, «If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.» Likewise, this applies when it comes to business.

NABO Furniture was founded with the belief that quality furniture should be accessible to the masses, which led Hua Zhen and the team to plan ahead to minimise costly retail overheads, including dealership markup, showroom and warehouse rental, logistics, and intermediaries, in hopes of maximising value for their customers straight from the source.

Advice for Entrepreneurs
A word of advice from Hua Zhen?
Advice for Entrepreneurs
A word of advice from Hua Zhen?

«Start early and plan ahead.»


While you can definitely get everything done by yourself, why not focus on your core business and leave the rest to the experts? If you’d rather find a way to get a trusted and experienced accounting service provider in Singapore to take over your paperwork pains while you focus on your business growth, leave it to us.


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