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Interfaccia and NanoPV

How NanoPV & Interfaccia Thrived With Accounting Services

Learn how a personal accountant and an automated bookkeeping admin help get rid of paperwork pain and save money

90 hours

of manpower saved a week


fewer data entry errors

0 pain

from compliance admin work


Interfaccia and NanoPV

Member since

January 2020 and October 2020

Line of work


Meet NanoPV & Interfaccia: The Green Tech Revolution

K Jayakumar owns 2 companies — NanoPV & Interfaccia, both in the sustainability space. With prior experience in the oil and gas sector, Jayakumar later forayed into supplying energy-saving lighting.

In 2005, his first company NanoPV received a government tender to support the corridor lighting for the East Coast Town Council in Singapore. Since then, the company has grown with lots of projects in green energy. Among their portfolio includes customers such as Shell and Petronas.

Jayakumar’s second company Interfaccia offers high-tech, cutting-edge technology that enables green energy and hygiene solutions to their clients around the world. They also provide innovative energy-saving products through their strong tie-up with patented technology partners worldwide. Meanwhile, the second company was set up to be a leader in high energy delivery and low-cost thin-film Silicon Photovoltaics (Si PV) technology. NanoPV manufactures solar panels, provides manufacturing equipment and end-to-end turnkey solutions, and provides complete solar module manufacturing technology that is already in the market.

NanoPV building

The Challenge

When it comes to administrative work, Jayakumar has tended to outsource it, especially when he lacked expertise in corporate compliance and needed expert knowledge. Another pain point K. Jayakumar faced was doing accounting, which tends to get complicated for someone who is not trained in it.

The Solution

After getting good service from taking up corporate secretarial services for his first company, Jayakumar decided to take on accounting packages and another corporate secretarial package for his second company.

Osome is value for money and especially helps new businesses. I refer Osome to other companies all the time

K. Jayakumar,CEO, NanoPV & Interfaccia

Advice for Entrepreneurs

For companies with international contacts like K. Jayakumar’s, working with and managing such relationships can pose unique challenges, especially during the COVID pandemic era. Partnering with Osome can also help you efficiently work with long-term business partners abroad, make those relationships more effective, and increase the satisfaction of your partnerships.

“Our partners are from all over Australia, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Normally we need to courier documents over, but we just have to send documents within the app.“


Effectively running a business is no walk in the park, but we can relieve your workload. At Osome, we bring order to your document chaos. We track deadlines, file reports, and make sure you don’t have to worry about compliance. We know how to do accounting and optimize tax for your business. Don’t take our word for it. Try out our affordable Accounting and Company Secretary . services yourself today!

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