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Yoke Apparel Manufacturing

“I Just Couldn’t Scale the Insurmountable Mountains of Paperwork”

Yoke Apparel Manufacturing provides design, production and consultation services to international clothing brands. They quickly scaled from making clothing for their brand to working with a range of fashion industry clients.

2x growth

tracking per annum

10x faster

scale-up with professional help

29 people

hired in a short space of time


Yoke Apparel Manufacturing

Member since

October 2021

Line of work

International clothing manufacturer

Legally Navigating a Broken System

Yoke Apparel Manufacturing chose to incorporate in Singapore to take advantage of the secure banking system and corporate business incentives. But they ran into problems when working in a neighbouring developing country.

Jesse James, CEO/Managing director of Yoke Apparel Manufacturing, explains: “Before coming on board with Osome we were trying to legally navigate our company in a country with a broken system. On top of that, the developing country has many outdated and restrictive legislations that prevent fluid business and rapid growth.”

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Working Smarter

Jesse looked at various options for incorporation and accounting services and found Osome to be the most professional and responsive of them all.

Osome has helped take all of the difficulty out of mountains of paperwork and communicating with third parties. It’s taking a huge weight off our shoulders and allowed us to focus on growing our business.

Jesse James,CEO, Yoke Apparel Manufacturing

Outcome: We Quickly Solved Problems We Had Been Battling for Over a Year

After spending more than a year trying to solve and work around issues with overwhelming paperwork and confusing third parties, Osome gave Jesse the professional help and support he needed.

“We conveniently came across Osome's website. It was super easy to navigate, had all of the answers, and their team were super responsive.”

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Any Advice to Others Starting a Business in Your Industry?

Learning from businesses that have been there and done it can help smooth the way for future entrepreneurs. Jesse’s advice is to “get your base right from the start. Setting up properly with professional assistance literally will help you scale 10 times quicker.”

Free Yourself From Admin Drudgery and Focus on Your Business

If you want to scale faster and avoid mountains of paperwork, Osome can manage incorporation and company registration  for you.

Our experts will guide you every step of the way, sorting all your paperwork remotely for a quick and easy setup.

Get started today.

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