How to start business in Singapore from India

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Singapore is a great place to set up a business

Indians open more than 3,000 companies here every year. There are no restrictions on shareholders, either: they can be foreigners or residents, individuals or companies.



Corporate Tax





Tax on Dividends



Paid up Capital



India and Singapore have a Double Taxation Agreement: avoid being taxed twice on the same income

As a foreigner, here’s what you need to start a business in Singapore

You only need to fly once to open a bank account, everything else can be managed online. You don’t have to hire any local employees, either

Nominee Director

The most complicated and expensive feature for a foreigner. Every company can have many directors, but at least one of them must be a resident of Singapore. If you do not have someone who can play the role, you can hire a nominee director.

A nominee formally holds director’s position, without any actual decision-making powers or authority to run the company. He is a company officer on paper, necessary to meet the requirements of the law.

Corporate Secretary

A Singapore resident certified under various regulations. That person is responsible for lodging and filing in time all necessary documents required by law. We provide that service.

Local Address

A real mailing address in Singapore. It goes on all legal documents. It doesn’t matter where your company really is located — Osome will provide an address.

How much will it cost?

Bonanza Package

Incorporation, Unlimited Corporate Secretary, Address, Nominee Director

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All fees included

Company registration

To register your company, we will need your company name, and shareholder details. We prepare an application and submit it to ACRA, the registration body. The whole process can be as fast as 1–3 hours. Our fee includes the S$315 government fee.

Unlimited Corporate Secretary for 1 year

A Corporate Secretary is a person responsible for all necessary documents required by law. Every Singapore business must have one. This critical role requires various certifications and involves a lot of responsibility.

Usually secretaries charge for each document they prepare. Our Unlimited service covers all standard resolutions you might need throughout the year. You won’t have to pay extra for things like change in officers, registered address, business activity or distribution of shares.

Nominee Director for 1 year

A Singapore company can have several directors, but at least one has to be local. If you don’t have someone to play the role, hire a Nominee. This company officer will only be a director on paper to meet the requirements of the law.

Most agencies charge a Security deposit for the Nominee Director service. We don’t. When you employ a Nominee from us, you just pay a yearly fee, that’s it.

Local Address for 1 year

You need a physical address in Singapore to receive official correspondence. It goes on all your documents.

Not only do we provide you with an address, we also notify you about your correspondence, scan, and send it to you. We can even forward the real letters if necessary, you’ll only need to cover the mailing expenses. It’s very convenient.

If i want to move to Singapore?

You'll need to get an Employment Pass: a visa that allows you to work and stay. It costs S$800, but you'll save on the Nominee Director service as you only need it for 3–6 months while we prepare your visa. The year of Nominee service costs S$1,800 we return the amount you haven't used.

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Osome Pte. Ltd. is registered as a filing Agent FA20170653

Osome Pte. Ltd. is registered as a filing Agent FA20170653

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