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Certificate of residence — COR, a form from IRAS certifying that the company is a tax resident of Singapore. It enables the company to qualify for tax exemptions, benefit from Avoidance of Double Taxation Agreements, etc. To receive a Certificate of residence it is important to exercise control and management of the starting a business in Singapore.

Why do I need COR for my Singapore company?

COR is necessary to claim tax benefits under the DTAs or Limited Treaties that Singapore has with other countries. Note that other jurisdictions might still tax income derived in Singapore. Some DTAs offer tax breaks. In order to receive those, it is vital to have COR as it proves your company is a Singapore tax resident. If you don’t need any DTAs benefits, you may still apply for the COR letter. IRAS needs you to specify the reasons why you need it, and send it along with the company’s name, UEN, Year of Assessment, and the documents confirming that the control and management is exercised in Singapore.

How do I apply for COR in Singapore?

IRAS processes the applications online via myTax Portal. You can apply for

  • the current Year of Assessment (YA);
  • the next YA; or
  • up to four back YAs. To receive COR, the control and management of your company has to be exercised in Singapore in the previous calendar year. It takes IRAS 7 working days to process the application and mail the COR to your company's registered address. While the post might take up to 4 days, an online copy will be available on mytax.iras.gov.sg.

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1 min readJan 28, 2020

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