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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy — an official document registering the way your company works with users’ data. It states the ways you collect, gather, use, disclose, and manage personal data. Any company registered in Singapore must have a privacy policy based on the client’s consent that aims to protect the user.

A privacy policy sample in Singapore

A privacy policy for your Singapore company should include the following:

  • What type of data you collect directly from user
  • What type of data you collect automatically
  • How you use this data
  • which manipulations with user data require consent
  • A statement that you will not sell any personal data to third parties
  • The conditions upon which you may share the data with the third parties (i.e., government agencies etc)
  • What platforms you use to harvest data (website, social media, apps, etc)
  • Security measures that ensure data protection
  • Disclaimer that protects your company
  • How a user can opt out
  • How a user can get in touch for feedback or complaints

Author Osome Content TeamOsome Content Team

1 min readJan 29, 2020

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